Toffee Coated Dessert

Toffee coated sweet potatoes have been a favorite “sweet treat” of mine since we came to south China :-) I’ve also had bananas and apples. This picture shows a plateful of toffee coated sweet potato, taro, Chinese yam and red dates that Jim and I shared after dinner tonight. When served, the sweet caramelized syrup is very stringy, so you dip a piece in cold water to break the strings and cool it slightly. I learned the hard way a long time ago that you MUST cool it or you WILL burn your mouth :-/ Once it all cools, if you haven’t eaten quickly, you have a mound all stuck together! Then separating it with chopsticks is nearly impossible! I was surprised that the waiter tonight brought us a fork and knife when he saw us struggling.

Snack Food

Snacks in China can be quite different, some I wouldn’t touch, but some sound OK, just different. Purple sweet potatoes are big here, as well as peanuts, so how about some purple sweet potato coated peanuts? I even found a recipe on a Chinese cooking site to make your own. Basically mashed sweet potatoes, flour, sugar, oil …..wrap a bit of dough around your peanut (without the skin) and then fry. I can’t eat peanuts, or I would have tried these :-) I wonder if they would work with regular sweet potatoes and pecans …that sounds yummy!