Pineapple on a Stick

Now that our weather has turned warm, most of the street vendors have changed their food offerings. It’s not so easy to find sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts now, but pineapple on a stick is very popular.  The vendors usually have some cut and sitting in some salt water, ready for purchase.  You can also find carts selling whole ones as well, which they will cut for you if you want. Today was a rainy day, and although we did see some sweet potatoes, we opted for the pineapple – sweet and delicious! These pictures are actually from a couple weeks ago, as I said today was rainy, and with an umbrella in one hand and pineapple in the other, I didn’t take a picture! The day we took these pictures, we bought half a pineapple for 3rmb or about 50 cents usd, but today, we only got a quarter for the same price! I could’ve bargained, but decided since it was a slow day, the vendor probably could use the extra earnings. :-) Do you like the fancy look of the pineapple? Here’s a video showing how they cut them: