Chinese honey has gotten a lot of bad publicity, so I’m pretty careful where I buy my honey from. Larger supermarkets usually have an area where you can choose from numerous types of honey from larger jars. Options at this supermarket were: Chinese Date, Loquat, Acacia, Medlar, Wild Chrysanthemum, Wild Osmanthus, Mountain Coptis and Lemon. There are a few more kinds in the smaller bottles and you can also buy different kinds of bee pollen. Honey has long been a part of traditional Chinese medicine and the different varieties are used for different medical benefits. For example, loquat honey is supposed to be good for the throat, so it is recommended specifically for speakers, singers and smokers. Honey in Chinese is “fengmi” and a bee is a “mifeng” ….and after seven years, I still get them confused!

Crowds and Holidays

Crowds in China….Today is International Labor Day in China as well as the majority of the world (other than the USA and Canada). The smartest thing to do on holidays in China, especially when you live in a tourist area, is stay home! We decided to be stupid, oh, no, I mean adventurous:-) today and went shopping. What is usually a 2-2 1/2 hour trip took 5 ½ hours! It took 2 hours just to get to the store! I told Jim and Leah that I’m sure there were more people in the store than the number of people that live in our little hometown of Walnut Cove, NC! We met a foreign man at the bus stop near our home, but didn’t see another foreigner the whole time! Around here, I think that quite a few of the people out on a day like this have rarely, if ever, seen a foreigner. Staring is not considered rude in China, and people DO stare! We have a joke that we must look like a family of three headed green monsters by the stares we get! Tomorrow everyone has a day off for the holiday, I think we’ll stay home!

Life in China: A Picture A Day, March 29, 2016

Clothes shopping…the good and bad. Good first: This picture is from an RT Mart in the town next to us, Dalang. (RT Mart is a chain based in Taiwan, like a Super Kmart or Walmart) Stores like this and department stores usually offer pants hemming free of charge. You must pay for your clothes separately in this department, so it’s convenient to just drop them off after purchasing and you can finish your shopping then pick them back up. The store wasn’t busy today, so the lady working was doing something for a man while he waited.  The bad: Finding clothes to fit! Although I can finally fit into a US ladies size 12, I am still an XXXL in China! Stores like this usually carry clothes in most styles up to XXL, so walking into stores and finding clothes to buy is rather difficult! Depending on the style, I have managed to buy some things :-)