Music in the Park

Life in China 2016: A Picture A Day, May 8 – Chinese cities, although very crowded, seem to always have parks within fairly easy reach of most areas. Many people use the parks for socializing and relaxation. There are quite a variety of activities that go on in these parks and music is a regular one. Sometimes one person is playing, sometimes a group, and sometimes they are singing. Today, we saw this man playing the erhu, a traditional 2 stringed Chinese instrument, and quite a few people sitting around listening.

Street Musician

Life in China: A Picture a Day 2016, Feb 2 -Some things in China really aren’t that different from home. This was a musician I saw performing today, and I thought that he could have been doing the same thing in the USA and fit right in. He sounded pretty good, but I’m not sure what he was singing about since it was in Chinese (Ok…maybe a little different than the USA!). He was next to a bus stop near our shopping plaza, an area that probably gets the largest amount of people here. Guitar case open to collect money, probably trying to raise some extra cash for Spring Festival, so I threw the six 1yuan notes I had in.

02-02 street musician2.jpg