Lucky Toads

A few nights ago, Leah and I went toad hunting and it made me think of the symbolism of toads in China :-) “Jin Chan” or “Chan Chu,” usually called “Money frog” or “Money toad” in English, is a figurine used in Feng Shui to attract money. It has three legs, usually red eyes (which makes it kind of evil looking!), always holds an ancient Chinese coin in its mouth, and usually sits on a pile of coins. Although you can only see six beads on its back, there are seven, and they represent the Big Dipper. You can have up to nine lucky toads in your home, and as with most things in Feng Shui, the placement of where you put them is VERY important! Placed just inside your main door is good, but… facing inwards, so the money comes “in,” never facing the door as the money will go out! And it should not be placed in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or dining room. The legend behind Chan Chu is that a wife of one of the Chinese eight immortals was caught stealing the immortal elixir, and as punishment was turned into a toad by the gods. The picture shows a live toad we saw the other night and also a Chan Chu from a tea shop just outside the Walmart entrance.