Bottled Water

In China, it’s not recommended to drink the tap water. It’s a bit of an inconvenience, but you get used to it. I still always enjoy going to the USA and simply turning the tap water on for a quick drink! At home, we have a water dispenser that has hot or room temperature taps, which does make it convenient for a quick cup of tea :-). Since the company Jim works for makes Brita water pitchers, we keep a Brita in the refrigerator for cold water. Where we live now, we pay for 10 large bottles at a time, and call the office when we need one delivered. We started with two bottles, so when we empty one, we get it replaced with a full one, therefore never being without one. In our housing complex, the security guards deliver the water on motorbikes. Where we lived before, the housing didn’t handle the water, but a nearby store did. As long as food is going to be cooked, you can wash it in tap water, but if you are going to eat fruit or veggies raw, it’s best to wash them in boiled or bottled water. The Chinese like to drink hot water and I’ve often wondered if that developed because they needed to boil their water for it to be safe to drink? When you go to restaurants in China, you are served hot water, not ice water.