Random and Tacky Statues

Today Leah and I went to a “Theme Park” within our big city park. In English, it is called “Dream Garden.” For the most part, the flowers were very pretty, there was quite a bit newly planted and we saw workers planting more. The lavender fields were especially beautiful. There was a nice looking new waterpark area, a small amusement park area where we rode the carousel :-), and much more! Then…as in many Chinese theme parks, they had random statues scattered around the park, most of which were quite tacky! Starting with the picture at the top left, you see me with the Smurfs, or lán jīng líng (Blue fairy spirits). They were right next to Pleasant Goat and his crew, and Winnie the Pooh and friends were just down the road. Then there was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Prince, standing in front of what looked like a Russian Orthodox style building (???). The Statue of Liberty, not bad looking, but still rather random, about as tall as me, was along a road in front of another garden area, across from the Great Wall replica! The last picture is of a waterfall at the main entrance, quite nice, with waterwheels, red lanterns, and a flower area in front of it with….. penguins???? There was also a “Pigeon Square” which the map labelled as “Square Pigeons” …. We checked, but only found normal looking pigeons :-)