Reflexology Footpaths

Reflexology foot paths are very common in China. These pictures show the paths that go around the lake we live near. I still haven’t gone all the way around the lake, but, everywhere I’ve been, they have had these paths. There are narrower ones, maybe 1 ½ feet wide, on either side of the main walkway/road, and then these wider ones, probably 2 ½ feet wide, are set back a little from the main road. Many reflexology paths in China are decorative, but these are simple. If you aren’t familiar with reflexology, there are pressure points on the soles of your feet that connect to your body meridians, so as you walk on a path like this, either with soft soled shoes, socks or barefoot, you are basically giving yourself a healthy foot massage :-) The stimulation to your feet is beneficial to different parts of your body! These are becoming more popular worldwide, so, if you see one of these paths, give it a try! It may hurt at first, take it slow if it does!

Leah and I leave in the morning for a trip to the USA…. I have managed to do 132 days straight of “Life in China 2016: A Picture A Day”, but for the next month I won’t be posting regularly. I do have some extra pictures saved up, so I will post once in a while :-) Stay tuned …. Daily pictures will resume in mid June!