Foot Massage

One of my favorite things in China is getting a foot massage! On Friday nights, Jim and I have a regular foot massage date. :-) Foot massage, called “xi jiao” or literally “foot wash” is much more than it sounds like! The routine at the spa we currently go to is to sit on the footstool, with your feet soaking, while first they massage your neck and shoulders, then back, also working on your spine and stretching you a bit, then you turn and sit back in the chair, still with feet soaking, and they massage your face and scalp from behind the chair, then arms and hands. Finally, it’s time for the feet! One at a time, the foot and calf are massaged while the other usually stays wrapped in a towel.  They are well trained in knowing the pressure points all over your body, so they are working them the whole time. Once they finish massaging your feet, they rub liquid soap on your feet and lower legs and then you rinse them in fresh warm water. To finish, your legs are given more of an overall massage, including your upper legs. By this time, I’m usually ready to fall asleep if I haven’t already! I ALWAYS get a wonderful night’s sleep after a foot massage! An 80 minute massage costs 88rmb, about $13.50 usd, and includes some tea and fruit.