Tea Market

We are back in Shenzhen for a couple of days and had a very busy day today! We enjoyed getting to see many friends throughout the day J In the afternoon, we went to the Nanshan Tea Market. Since I love tea, of course I love tea markets! After my post about a week ago, I decided that I wanted to try honeysuckle tea. The nice thing about tea markets is that you can sit and taste the tea before buying it. The stores all have tea tables and are more than glad to make you a few different kinds to try. We sampled the honeysuckle tea (in the front white dish) and also some black tea (in the back metal dish). The tea you see in the cups is honeysuckle tea. I’ve always had women making the tea the times before, but this man spoke some English, so his wife stood back and he took care of us. I bought a large tin full of honeysuckle flower tea for 85rmb, or $13usd, it’s enough to last quite a while! Photo credit goes to Leah today