Tourist Boat and Signs

– If we walk along the lake up to the main road, there is a boat you can pay to ride, either one way to another location south of us, or go in a full circle. During the colder months, it had limited hours. Read the first sign carefully, the hours were: “Only on Saturdays, Japan, holidays, and opening up.”  I was confused how they would ever have gotten this translation, but Leah explained that the character for “Ri” which means “sun” is the abbreviation for Sunday as well as the first character in Japan or Riben in Chinese, now it makes sense! It seems they changed quite a bit of the English wording for the second sign, however, for the first option, I think for 50rmb I prefer the “Tour around a circle” rather than “Swim around a circle!” :-) As much as I enjoy reading these signs, I think I will have Leah write up a correct translation and give it to them as a suggestion!  I’m looking forward to a ride one of these days!