Wuba from the movie Monster Hunt

I kept seeing this character around and wondering who/what it was? I’ve learned…. Just ask a teenager…they can usually help with this type of question! Leah knew it was from a movie. Its name is “Wuba” and he is from a Chinese movie, named Monster Hunt, that came out last July and was the highest grossing Chinese film up to that time!! Wuba is a cute baby “monster” who supposedly looks like a white radish… has 4 arms, pointy ears, a little tail, a very cute laugh and a head of greenery instead of hair!

Quoted from BBC: “The surreal comedy is set in a fantasy world resembling ancient China, where monsters and humans co-exist uneasily in two separate lands. When revolutionaries in the monsters’ world attempt to overthrow their royalty, the monster queen flees to the land of humans and impregnates a hapless human man, Tianyin, with Wuba. He ends up being pursued by both monsters and monster-hating humans keen on capturing the newborn Wuba.”

 We watched it the other night and it was pretty good! It supposedly was released in the USA in January, I’m curious if anyone in the USA has seen it? Here is the USA trailer: http://themoviebox.net/8230 , not sure where you can see the whole movie there, but for my friends in China (and it may work elsewhere), you can watch it here (for free): http://www.le.com/ptv/vplay/23517204.html The Chinese translates literally to “Vampire Killers Mind”! Don’t worry…it’s a comedy not a horror film! Good for all ages! This link is for the Mandarin movie with English subtitles, which is supposedly better than the one dubbed in English.