Life in China: A Picture A Day, March 4, 2016

Today we went to our Songshan Lake Library. Since I don’t read Chinese, trips to the library aren’t quite the same for me as in the USA! Our library here is four floors, quite large, but doesn’t have a specific section of English or other foreign books, so I usually just wander. There are “teasers,” maybe the title will be in English, but the book isn’t, and there are a few books and magazines in English, mixed in with the rest, if you can find them! There are also “readers” for learning English, that often have interesting articles. Leah looks for the young adult books, which are in the children’s room, and I look at the picture books! The page above is from the book I sat and read today: it’s in English, pinyin and Chinese characters. I can understand enough of the pinyin, that I can learn a few new words by reading at this level! I brought home a Charlie Brown and Snoopy comic book that is in Chinese and English, and I also found a Chinese painting book, in the Reference section, that I enjoyed looking at :-)