Life in China: A Picture A Day, March 30, 2016

It’s 5:00PM…. the end of the day for the cleaning and gardening staff. I’m not positive what time they start work, but I think it may be 7AM. They all disappear around lunchtime, so they probably get a rest time after lunch. (These are guesses from what I’ve learned and heard while in China) I know there are a lot of them and they are always working hard when I see them: the ones in brown/tan are the cleaning staff and the ones in turquoise/yellow are the gardeners. In weather like we have now, it seems like a wonderful job, but, they are out there no matter what the weather is…. rain, shine, hot or cold! I’m not sure exactly why they all gather in this location at the end of the day, but once they all leave, it looks like a caravan… only no cars or vans!  The majority seem to have bicycles or electric bikes, but some walk, and quite a few have their bicycles or carts loaded up with recycling to drop off somewhere after they leave.