Life in China: A Picture A Day, March 26, 2016

On January 26th, I posted a picture of me getting a haircut: I like to go to the fancier salon :-) My husband, Jim, on the other hand, goes to the little Chinese salons on the backstreets. He and Leah usually go out “exploring” on his electric scooter on the weekends. Today, he stopped and got a haircut in Dalang, the town next to us. Even small places like this are generally salons for men or women. In our time in China, we have never yet seen a woman cutting hair, they do the shampooing but not cutting and styling. His haircut cost 20 rmb or just over $3usd. Leah said the name of the shop possibly translates as “Popular Password”? If any Chinese friends can offer a better translation, please do! I thought the picture was a little dull (Jim said that’s because it was!) but, I added some “sparkles”! Thanks to Leah for today’s picture. (Jim is sitting in the chair inside)