Life in China: A Picture A Day, February 26, 2016: A Visit to Singapore

A Visit to Singapore: Today we visited the Botanic Gardens, and while most people would share pictures of the beautiful orchids, I like to be different J. There were many gorgeous plants and flowers, but what I want to share about is the Malayan Water Monitor lizard – although the one we saw today was smaller than the one we saw at Pasir Ris a couple days ago, we were much closer to the one today. I’m intrigued by the fact that these huge lizards just wander around where so many people are! This one we saw today must have been 4 ft long from head to tail, and the one the other day was probably 5-6 ft, and they can grow up to 9 ft! Local people say just ignore them and they’ll ignore you! These do live in the very southeastern tip of China, and on Hainan Island, …but, not where we live in Dongguan.