Life in China: A Picture a Day, February 18, 2016

Today we received a Christmas card from my wonderful cousin who lives in the USA :-) Yes, you read that right, a Christmas card, and she did mail it on time! But, it took 10 ½ weeks to get here! She even printed our address in Chinese characters, which usually assures delivery from the USA in about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, there were a few characters that didn’t print and just showed up as blocks, ones which SHOULDN’T have been a problem. A postmark showed that it was in our province on Dec 24th. I’m sure the Chinese New Year holidays delayed it more since China Post, the official mail service, completely shuts down for 9 days during the holiday! We were still happy to get the card. We usually get ONE piece of mail per month! … the bill for our administration and utility costs, not much fun. We don’t even get junk mail where we live now! So, when I went out today after receiving the card, I saw this mail carrier and took his picture.