The Photographer and Her Photos

My daughter and I both enjoy nature photography, although while I prefer photographing birds or flowers, her passion is for insects and things more inconspicuous to the average person. During our recent trip to Singapore, on our first full day, we visited the Gardens by the Bay and went to the dome called the Cloud Forest. I decided to take a break and from a little distance away was watching her, and the people who passed behind her. Quite a few of them slowed down to try to see what she was photographing, and one group of young men even went just behind her looking over her shoulder. So I thought it might be fun to take a picture of her and later pair it up with the picture which she had taken at that time. In the following days, if I was waiting for her to finish photographing something and I thought of it, I took her picture, then at the end of our trip I told her my idea for this post.

This is inside of the Cloud Forest, as you can see, there was a huge area covered with tropical plants. Don’t ask me how…. But she found this little worm (?), about an inch long, inside the foliage. They were misting at this time, so sorry the photo is not clearer.

Another place we visited at the Gardens by the Bay was the Succulent Garden. Here, we saw numerous different kinds of small lizards. For this one, I also got closer to see what she was photographing.

On Wednesday, we visited Pasir Ris Park, a kind local couple walked us through the park so we would know our way around. First we went towards the coastline and they pointed out Malaysia in the distance. As we walked by the restrooms, we spotted two cats, we are both cat lovers, so we always make time to stop and visit kitties whenever we find them. I think Leah probably has cat pictures from just about everywhere we have traveled to!

The mangrove boardwalks at Pasir Ris were really interesting, we photographed a few different kinds of crabs, all fairly small. The mud was full of the mounds they had made and you could watch as they scurried off into the holes. I think this crab is one of the tree-climbing crabs, although it was on the ground. We realized when looking at the photos afterwards that it is missing all but one of its legs on the left side.

Although we went to the Singapore Zoo, I was so busy taking pictures that I never got any of her taking pictures! The following picture is a sturgeon in the Yangtze River section of the River Safari, which is next to the zoo.

On our last day, we went to the Botanic Gardens. It wasn’t too crowded and we did our best to follow the back paths to hopefully see more wildlife. And of course, Leah found some bugs!

We had a nice lunch in the Halia Restaurant in the Orchid Plaza. Halia is the Malayan word for “ginger.” After lunch, we walked through the Ginger Garden. I never knew there were so many kinds of ginger plants! And such beautiful flowers on them. I was quite surprised at one point when I decided to move closer to Leah and found this big Malayan water monitor lizard in my path! I quickly snapped a picture, then slowly backed away while taking a few more, and Leah took my picture from the other side! I’ve included the lizard picture I took from my end :-)

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Photographs by Linda and Leah Walsh