My name is Linda Walsh and I live in Songshan Lake, in South China. I have lived in China since May of 2009 and have, and continue to, enjoy my experiences here. I am here with my husband for his work, and our youngest daughter is here with us. We originally lived in Nanqiao, in the Shanghai area, and I kept a travel blog of our experiences. If you are interested, you can read about them here . 

In September 2011, we moved Shenzhen, where we spent the next four years. I did not blog during this time, but continued to share my experiences with friends and family via Facebook, and I also wrote numerous articles for the Shenzhen Women's International Club (SWIC) magazines. As well as being involved in SWIC, I also helped to start a Homeschool Group in Shenzhen, as we homeschool our daughter in China and wanted a group to share experiences with.

In September 2015, we moved to Songshan Lake, about an hour from Shenzhen. I've given up many of the responsibilities I held in Shenzhen and once again have time to blog. I'm having difficulties focusing on one area to share, so at this point, I will start with many areas of my life!