I'd like to tell you why I named this blog "My Own Chinese Brocade."

First of all, I live in China and I enjoy sharing my experiences with my family and friends, and I hope to share with others too. I have many interests that I like to write about: nature, travel, Chinese culture, daily life, arts and crafts, food, education, and more, and... I like to document it all with my photography! These interests are all "woven" into my life in China. Brocade is a woven fabric, very popular in China, usually depicting some part of nature, and most often made of silk and considered luxurious. It often has metallic threads interwoven as an accent, adding visual interest. As a professional seamstress, I like to look at my life as a weaving of sorts, various aspects of my life are the threads of many kinds and colors. Daily Life may be the background, while other interests are the specific designs, and my love and enthusiasm for the things I do are the metallic threads which give it all special highlights.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos were taken by me and are my property. Please ask if you wish to use any.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your time with me, Linda Walsh